State intervention in the economy

The article introduces the discussion on the necessity of state regulation of the market through a micro level and at a macro level using mainly the statements of Keynes and Friedman, two opposite economists on the topic. The essay goes through the pros and cons of each part and ends up on a state intervention position.

Does it make sense to dollarize Argentina?

Author: MANUEL BERMEJO FONTANET Dollarization of Argentina from an economic perspective Download the full article below: After fifty years of five currency changes, an accumulated devaluation of thirteen zeros, three defaults, and a hyperinflationary period, the ultraliberal economist and presidential candidate Javier Milei has focused his attention on dollarization as a central piece of his…

Exploring the underground economy

Authors: LUCÍA MONTEJANO and XÈNIA ALEMANY An analysis of cash withdrawal policy Download the full article below: In recent years, the debate on the limitation and abolition of cash has ained considerable attention and has become increasingly urgent in light of the growing prevalence of electronic payments. This article seeks to explore the potential benefits…